Are You Looking for a professional Scrap Metal Merchant?

Look no further than J Wallis Metals….

We have a wealth of experience in the scrap metal industry, so you can be sure you are coming to the right place.

A South Yorkshire based yard that will take any load no matter how big or small.

We can offer the very best prices for a range of ferrous, non-ferrous, catalytic converters, cars and precious metals. We also offer testing of your metals using a niton precious metals analyser. Get in contact for an evaluation.

Our yard allows us to dispose of your scrap metal in the safest and environmentally friendly way possible.

We pay top prices for all your needs.
Here at J Wallis Metals we are a registered end of life facility for cars (ELV) and authorised treatment facility (ATF). You can rest easy as we process your scrap car through DVLA on your behalf.

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